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About Us

BERNARDO LOPEZ LANDSCAPE DESIGN is a design-build firm that prides itself on creating well-crafted, beautiful and sustainable gardens. We specialize in beautiful design and custom solutions. We listen, look and interpret. We are committed to creating outdoor spaces that are specific to our client’s needs, desire, and budget. In 2018, Bernardo Lopez Landscape Design updated our name from Bernardo Lopez Garden Design to better reflect our full range of landscape design services.

It is our conviction that gardens be ecologically sound, when appropriate, and we will work to educate and implement drought tolerant landscapes. As part of the sustainable philosophy, we strive to include vegetables and fruit trees as part of the gardens we design. To ensure that your garden flourishes year round, we provide long-term maintenance programs.

In addition to our design and installation work, we can provide consultation on design, implementation, materials and resources to help you achieve your vision. Contact us for more information.


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We choose the highest quality plants and materials to create beautiful, sustainable gardens, employing techniques that encourage preservation and enhancement of the land and water table. Here are just some of the elements that make our design eco-conscious:

  • High-quality materials
  • Drought-tolerant plants, natives, South African plants (similar climate to the Bay Area) where appropriate
  • Growing organic food, integrating architecture and agriculture
  • Water-wise landscapes
  • Synthetic lawns
  • Sustainable and abundant materials
  • Recycled materials (combining the new  + old to create a modern classic design)
  • Farmed hardwoods
  • Permeable materials like decomposed granite, permeable pavers and grout-less design to protect and optimize the water table
  • Harvesting rain water
  • Highly-efficient irrigation with rain/moisture sensors


BERNARDO LOPEZ LANDSCAPE DESIGN is a member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD).

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Please support independent bookstores:

  • Barragan: The Complete Works (Princeton Press)
  • The Donnell and Eckbo Gardens: Modern California Masterworks (Marc Treib)
  • The Essential Garden Book (Terrence Conran and Dan Pearson)
  • Golden Gate Gardening (Pam Peirce)
  • Mirrors of Paradise: The Gardens of Fernando Caruncho (Guy Cooper and Gordon Taylor)
  • Mockel’s Desert Flower Notebook (Henry R. & Beverly Mockel)
  • Private Landscapes: Modernist Gardens in Southern California (Pamela Burton & Marie Botnick)